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The Origin Story

For those who choose not to wear the sheep’s clothing. The answer is cotton.

The world of knitwear is a wonderland of textured gorgeousness, its finest specimens owned and appreciated by the leisure class, whose members often seek elevated vacation opportunities. The holidays send these laid-back luxury lovers to intimate, breathtakingly beautiful mountaintop towns like Vail, or Tahoe, or Stowe for lots of outdoor activity and—perhaps the most enjoyable après-ski ritual—cozying up. Relaxing. Getting comfortable. For this set, classic, well-made woolens are a lifestyle essential. A sweater is a wonderful thing against the body, a protective cocoon of woven bliss.

Unless of course, you are sensitive to wool and cashmere. You’ve tried layering with cotton t-shirts and turtlenecks. You’ve tried wool blends. You’ve tried 100% cashmere. You’ve tried everything. Sooner or later, though, you experience the inevitable itch of wool against your skin. For those of us who are not meant to wear the sheep’s clothing, there is Christine Griffin knitwear, made of fine cotton yarn with the same beautiful quality of high end woolens.

About the Designer

Christine Griffin
Christine Griffin
Owner & Creative Director

Christine Griffin is one of the unlucky ones who can’t wear wool. For years, she longed to walk into a ski village boutique and take part in the ritual of purchasing an heirloom knit piece without worrying that it might be an assault to her comfort. Finally, she decided to create a line of knitwear that matched the quality of the luxury sweaters she longed to wear, except completely free of wool and cashmere. She found that high-quality cotton yarns, when woven as substantially and carefully as the finest woolens, yielded knits that were delightfully lofty, incredibly durable, stunningly beautiful and easy to care for. Above all, they were one hundred percent comfortable. For everyone.

We invite you to enjoy relaxed comfort and timeless style.

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